Below are some examples of how the gathered information can be used…

A SharePoint workspace is used to store all the information that is gathered by the scripts. Lists for certificates, computers, disks, software products, and users are just the beginning 😛


Once the computers start phoning home with information, a view can be quickly created that groups them all by operating system.


Also a quick edit of that same view will show you the computers grouped by vendor or model.


The gathered installed products view can be quickly tweaked to just show the details you need, such as for a new software deployment.


It’s also easy to get insight into your Exchange mailbox databases, as far as how many users are on each one, how much space each is using, etc…


Another area that this tool is being used for is for deploying software packages to computers. A SharePoint list keeps track of the tasks, and the computers install the assigned items automatically next time they phone home. Unrelated but complementary, I have a “Launch Pad” PowerShell script that I’m using to quickly populate these tasks (blog post on the way), but you can go in and manually assign things using this list also.


Check out the other pages related to these PSMANAGE scripts…


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