Cloud PBX

Microsoft is continually evolving the features available in Office 365, and the enterprise voice capabilities of Lync / Skype for Business are definitely not missing out on any attention from the teams that are doing this work. The “Cloud PBX” feature is quite amazing in the current state, and is getting better every day. I’m starting to use this more, and want to keep track of my experiences in this page and sub pages…


Some quick (and perhaps soon to be revised) details on how you can get started with Cloud PBX on your existing Office 365 subscription…

  • Ensure you have one of the following plans already in place: E1, E3, E5 or “Skype for Business Plan 2”
  • If you aren’t on E5, purchase a “Skype for Business Cloud PBX” subscription, which costs $8.00 USD / user / month.
  • Also add one of these add-ons for this, depending on your calling needs: “Skype for Business PSTN Domestic Calling” or “Skype for Business PSTN Domestic and International Calling”, which costs $12.00 or $24.00 USD / user / month.
  • For example, a single user with E1, Cloud PBX and domestic calling costs $28.00 USD /month.


Getting things done with Cloud PBX:



References for more information:

Cloud PBX (


Set up PSTN Calling for Skype for Business (




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