PROJECT RECAP: Craft Beer Social Site

This page is a place for me to capture some details about a project I worked on over several years and learned a ton along the way. It started out with a simple vision: to make it easier for people to find, and share, information about craft beer that they enjoyed. There were several key features that were missing (at the time) with any similar tools, so bodobeers started with the attempt to make it possible for people to do things like…

  • find craft beer being served near their current location (or a location of their choosing)
  • keep track of the beers they’ve tried and the places they’ve tried them at
  • allow places that make and serve craft beer to easily showcase their offerings and any other information that they wanted their (potential) customers to see
  • combine these new, and some existing features that other sites had one-off, into one single solution that brought it all together (think a “Yelp + BeerMenus + Facebook + Google” for craft beer).


It was a fun and intensive adventure, with so many hours invested along the months and years, and the areas I got to learn more about included…

  • Windows Azure (virtual machines, SQL databases, blob storage)
  • JavaScript and AJAX
  • .NET c#
  • PayPal APIs
  • Google Maps APIs
  • Facebook APIs
  • iPhone Safari


In the end, the project never got much traction other than the friends I politely hounded to try it out and give me feedback. But still, it was a worthwhile endeavor and I look back at the project with some thanks for the skills accumulated during the time I spent, and with some lessons learned to apply to any future projects.


Today (May 25, 2017) I backed up my content once more, took some walk-through videos of the site before I hit the delete key, and then decommissioned most of the resources it was using. In case anyone may find it interesting, check out my YouTube playlist I put up with some examples of notable features that I enjoyed making and using over the past 5 or so years…



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