PSMANAGE Scripts Overview

This  section contains a project I’ve been working on for several months on and off, which I am referring to as “PSMANAGE” since it is a collection of PowerShell scripts that help with managing systems in a Windows environment.

The primary goals of this set of scripts are…

  1. Provide better insight to the overall status and health of the computers throughout the environment, including items such as disk space and other resources.
  2. Provide easier access to already available information, such as Active Directory resources and attributes, Exchange mailboxes, etc…
  3. Enable automation of existing processes, such as software deployment.
  4. Enable easier reporting for meeting requirements of ongoing maintenance, IT projects and support operations, annual auditing requests, etc…


The pictures below are an attempt to give a quick high-level introduction through the process of how this scripting tool works…








Continue on to check out more information about these scripts, or to download them (once the GitHub is setup)…


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