03 Creating SharePoint Task Templates

Once you have the off-boarding scripts in place, some of your tedious off-boarding procedures scripted out and saved as PS1 files in functions, you then can link to them with SharePoint template tasks and then have the tool start doing work for you. It’s pretty straightforward at this point, here’s an example…


Go to your SharePoint Online workspace and find the Offboarding Templates list. It will be empty at first, but you can start entering tasks (both automatic and manual ones).


You leave most of the fields blank, but here are the ones that matter…

  • Task Name, this is just a label for what the script will be doing.
  • TaskScript, this is the UNC path to the .ps1 file, such as \\server\share\UserManagementAuto\TaskScripts\001_DisableADUser.ps1
  • TaskType, set this to Automatic if you want to script to be called. Set it to Manual if it’s just a reminder for IT to do something manually.
  • TaskDay, set this to 1 if you want it to run immediately, 2 if you want it to be done the following day, or something further out like 30, 60, 90 days out. For example if you want to backup and then delete a mailbox in 6 months put 180 here.
  • TaskOrder, for any tasks that run on the same day you may want to control what order they run in. You want to backup a user before you remove it from groups for example. So put 1 on the prerequisite, 2 on the follow up task and leave the rest as 50 if the order doesn’t matter.

Then save the task.


You can edit it at any point, any newly off-boarded users will pull the templates at that time and create copies to be performed.


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